Recent Comment: Is Judge Tucker Biased Against Pro Se Litigants?

Erin, I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to expose Judge Tuckers discrimination against pro pers.

I just received a letter from the Commission on Judical Performance in regards to a complaint I filed against her recently, they inform me that she was a retired judge on assignment to an appellant court in LA county at the time she violated my civil rights(2009) and they don’t have any jurisdiction to investigate her. Why she was hearing my case in OC superior court when she was on assignment to an appellant court in LA has yet to be answered.

Also like you, she conducted hearings and ordered judgements against me well after I had filed an appeal.  I filed a lawsuit against her recently(equitable relief only due to immunity for monetary damages) for numerous violations of her judicial ethics and violating my constitutional rights of due process, if your interested in knowing what she did let me know and I’ll cut and paste here if it allows me enough space.

****Please note that I am venting my frustration (my constitutional right) of our corrupt judical officials in this county and have no intentions of commiting any criminal acts by writing this blog.


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