Hey Michael Ramos – How Does THIS Jive with Your Victims Rights Rally?

April 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

Hey Michael Ramos – How Does THIS Jive with Your Victims Rights Rally? “Journalist Falsely Imprisoned By SB DA Michael Ramos to Force A Plea Bargain in a Case Where She Was Beaten in Custody By 5 Male Big Bear Sheriffs”

The February 25, 2010 arrest and imprisonment of Journalist, Erin Baldwin, for “Felony Assault With a Deadly Weapon With the Intent to Cause Great Bodily Harm” was staged. It was a means to an end. To prove the point, Baldwin was incarcerated for 35 days at San Bernardino’s West Valley Detention Center. During that period of time Baldwin was never charged with this crime nor was she given a preliminary hearing on this charge.

This was the only charge for which she was incarcerated. But that’s not what the DA told the Court. San Bernardino District Attorneys Michael Ramos, Dennis Christy, Jonathan Robbins, Melinda Spencer and Timothy Dixon LIED TO THE COURT that Erin Baldwin was ALSO in custody on Criminal Case No. MSB906348. See Complaint: http://scr.bi/JivN90

This case was filed by the DAs less than a month after Journalist, Erin Baldwin, was beaten in custody by 5 male Big Bear Sheriffs seeking to teach her a lesson about “keeping her mouth shut” in collusion with State Bar of California Investigator and Ex-LA Sheriff, Tom Layton, who was present at the scene.

Erin Baldwin had exposed the intentional fraud of the State Bar of California against consumers in foreclosure relating to illegal loan modification companies owned and operated by its attorney members. The State Bar of California wanted her silenced at all cost and had been trying to do so since January 26, 2009 when they funded a strategic lawsuit against public participation, Parsa Law Group v. Bad Biz Finder (Baldwin’s blog). Because Baldwin is not an attorney, the State Bar could not directly file an action against her so they took action covertly. See Complaint: http://scr.bi/HZJLI5

This case resulted in a Default Judgment in the amount of $604,515.66 and a Permanent Injunction restraining Baldwin’s speech. See Judgment/Injunction: http://scr.bi/HtTdl9 However, Judge Franz E. Miller never had jurisdiction over Erin Baldwin as she was never legally named as a defendant in the case. See: http://scr.bi/HYff1l


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  • M'Bal Zarstichki says:

    As immigrant frm Algiers, my sistar had aparment in Coltn City. She said heat not working in Novembar, After sending written notice to owner, she was evikted from home, and no one would give us help. Including Ramos. This is NOT wat I spected from America.

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