Erin Baldwin Asks: What Hope Remains for American Citizens When Our Federal Judiciary Won’t Protect Our Constitutional Rights?

April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here are today’s tweets that paint a dismal picture of our federal judiciary.  They surround the Federal Section 1983 Civil Rights Case  brought by journalist, Erin Baldwin, whose First Amendment rights were terminated when she dared to tell the truth about the participation and liability of the CA State Bar and CA Department of Real Estate in California’s foreclosure crisis and the illegal California leases of  landlord UDR, Inc.  This case is currently before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  You can follow along on Twitter at EKBFightFraud.

Fed Judge Carter implies Baldwin is a vex litigant even when facts presented proved she’s not. Rumors can be dangerous.

Could CA citizens who lost homes to foreclosure get an update as to when they will get their bank settlement check?

The State Bar’s judicial selection committee should be dissolved as it violates US Sup Ct Keller v. State Bar of CA

Kamala Harris didn’t sign bank settlement agreements because she wanted to avoid responsibility for same in the future.

After Kamala Harris betrayed CA citizens w/the banks who would consider her to replace SCOTUS Judge Ginsburg?

Fed Judge Carney proof positive that “all that glitters is not gold.” Football hero doesn’t translate to ethical judge.

CA State Officials never counted on Baldwin’s resilience and survival mechanisms when advancing 40+ acts of retaliation

Martin Andelman, advocate & promoter of loan mod predator, James Parsa, in trouble w/the IRS. Karma’s a bitch.

Baldwin requests investigation of fraud in 9th Cir court orders: Staff attys entering orders on behalf of federal judges

9th Cir passes on procedural rules to prevent appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court

Federal Judge Jo Tucker propagates known falsehoods to set Baldwin up to be deemed a vexatious litigant.

9th Cir dismisses Baldwin’s appeal by comparing it to a case about a prolific, vexatious, abusive pro se litigant.

Baldwin cannot appeal to CA Supreme Ct cuz State Bar is a division of it & the State Bar is the subject of the appeal.

A federal judge should know that replacing & destroying court orders constitutes criminal obstruction of justice

“Atty to the Judges” Sarah Overton neglects to mention that she is also a defendant & can’t represent Judge Miller.

Federal judges should never underestimate the intelligence of a pro se litigant.

An appeal may not be dismissed w/o 1st allowing appellant opp to show cause why it should NOT be dismissed.

9th Cir denies Baldwin’s Writ to reinstate her 1st Am rights claiming its not compelling enough to warrant review.

CJ Alex Kozinski orders Baldwin’s Motion to Disqualify Federal Judge Dolly Gee decided by Washington Judge Whaley

Judicial cronyism is depriving American citizens of justice.

Erin Baldwin keeps fighting to reinstate her 1st Am rights terminated by unconstitutional permanent injunctions.

A perm inj restraining speech can’t issue w/o hearing on the merits identifying false stmts. Didn’t happen here either.

A perm injunction restraining speech can’t issue w/o hearing on the merits to identify defamatory stmts. Didn’t happen.


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