Is “Mal the Duck” to WordPress what SOPA is to the USA?

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

BREAKING NEWS:  Erin Baldwin Foils Attempt by Judge Franz E. Miller and Sarah L. Overton to Dismiss Here Civil Rights Complaint.

Everyone is up in arms about SOPA today and for good reason and WordPress is joining right along with the crowd.    But isn’t the WordPress censorship method,  “Mal the Duck” the same thing? 

Why is it that every single tag we use to report about Miss Baldwin’s case is barred by “Mal the Duck”??? If you wonder what we’re talking about just click on any one of our tags and you’ll see that WordPress has intentionally blocked our posts from hitting the Internet.    

Miss Baldwin has told us plenty of stories about how WordPress censored her free speech rights claiming that they were required to do so because of two permanent injunctions entered against her by Orange County Superior Court Judge Franz E. Miller.   Guess what?  These injunctions were never valid from the beginning.  And Miss Baldwin’s civil rights case is now in front of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.   

We’d like to know how ANYBODY could KNOW from these injunctions what you can or cannot say and about whom you can or cannot say it about?????   But these injunctions served to shut down 13 blogs belonging toMiss Baldwin over the past 2-1/2 years. 

Check it out:

Permanent Injunction No. 1:   Parsa Injunction

Permanent Injunction No. 2:   UDR Injunction

They are unconstitutionally void for vagueness, overbroad, and are absolute unconstitutional prior restraints of Erin Baldwin’s free speech rights.   

Censorship is not a new thing in this country, folks.  In fact, watch WordPress shut us down over this post.

Start with the companies pretending to be all up in arms about it.  Find out how much dough they’ve taken in cash to censor controversial news.


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