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On December 13, 2011 Erin Baldwin filed a Motion to Disqualify U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter from presiding over her Section 1983 Civil Rights case because she discovered his personal relationship with U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney and his courtroom clerk’s connection with UDR, Inc.

Since Judge Carney was named as a defendant in Baldwin’s case on November 14, 2011, Judge Carter should have recused himself at that time or at the very least disclosed the potential conflict of interest.  He did not, nor did he disclose that his Courtroom Deputy, Dwayne Roberts, participated in a fraudulent scheme against Baldwin in 2009 in connection with her battles with UDR, another defendant in Baldwin’s case.

Ms. Baldwin sent her Motion to Disqualify Judge Carter to Chief Judge Audrey Collins for assignment to a judge outside the district.  But instead it was assigned to Judge Josephine Staton Tucker in the same courthouse as Judge Carter, hardly a neutral evaluator.  Seems as though Judge Tucker is also connected to another primary defendant in this case, Judge Franz E. Miller.  On October 21, 2002, both Judge Tucker and Judge Miller were appointed as Orange County Superior Court  judges by Governor Gray Davis.  

Guess who Governor Gray Davis had sitting on his Judicial Selection Committee on October 21, 2002?  Tom Layton, California State Bar investigator, another primary defendant in Ms. Baldwin’s case.  Tom Layton, former Los Angeles Sheriff, was the guy who organized all the false criminal attacks against Ms. Baldwin in Big Bear, California.  He’s also the same guy that organized the bribe paid to Judge Franz Miller to get him to enter TWO permanent injunctions against Ms. Baldwin to silence her speech about the California State Bar’s liability to consumers harmed by its attorney members due to unlawful loan modifcation schemes.

Holy Moly, this is getting crazy … here’s the Motion,  mysteriously missing page 4:  Motion for Immediate Disqualification of Judge Carter.  We’ll put up page 4 later when we get it.

Here’s the skinny – in January of 2009 this chick Erin Baldwin started providing consumers in foreclosure information that could help them avoid scams.  She even wrote anonymously.  What the hell is wrong with that???!!!!!   Isn’t she entitled to do that by the Constitution of the United States? 

The thing is .. in the process she announced that a Writ of Mandate was going to be written to force the California State Bar to open its Client Security Fund to all the consumers who were defrauded by California State Bar attorneys operating fake loan modification law firms.  To mitigate its liability the California State Bar set out to destroy Baldwin – that was January of 2009 and it hasn’t stopped yet. 

Then, the California State Bar was joined in its path of destruction by the California Dept. of Real Estate, Federal Trade Commission and California Attorney General’s Office all of whom were secretly working with Bank of America to settle all BOA’s consumer complaints for pennies on the dollar directly with these agencies; never intending to make restitution to the consumers harmed.  The only thing standing in the way was Erin Baldwin. 

When the retaliation got so bad Baldwin filed a Civil Rights Complaint in federal court, August 16, 2011.  That’s where she’s at right now but it seems the United States Central District Court of California has joined in the racket.

So, we just want to know …. when is someone in charge going to get off their ass and say:  “What you did and continue to do to Erin Baldwin is wrong and you have to man-up to it and stop f-ing around?”  From what we understand Baldwin isn’t going to go away.  What’s next?   Are you going to put a bullet through her head to shut her up permanently? 

You’ve already locked her up for no reason TWICE, you’ve had her beat up by the Big Bear sheriffs, you’ve taken all her property THREE times and her dogs, you’ve made her homeless TWICE, and you have turned her family and friends against her.  She finally gets to federal court which is where you’re SUPPOSED to get a judge that can help you get justice from crimes violating your constitutional rights and INSTEAD the bullshit continues.  WHY?  She’s done nothing wrong except try to help people.  Is that a capital offense in this state or in this country? 

Nothing you have done to stop her has worked.  Do you want to know why?  Because you are WRONG and she is RIGHT and there are universal laws of this universe in play that even you can’t fool.  They are protecting HER and eventually will destroy YOU.  No human being has to do anything to make this happen.  It will just happen.   

Aren’t you running out of options?  Isn’t enough, enough?  Who among you is going to step up to the plate and do the right thing?


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