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New Development:  Why would the Nevada State Bar just be “disciplining” James Parsa when they already had to pay out restitution to a consumer from its Client Security Fund in 2010 for unlawful acts committed by Parsa?   See:     Jan_2011_Why_Client_Security

And his “Current Status” at the Nevada State Bar say:  ATTORNEY DISCIPLINE – SUSPENDED.  See:   http://www.nvbar.org/lawyer-detail/8753

According to The Las Vegas Sun, James M. Parsa, ex-Orange County loan modification fraud attorney, is being disciplined by the Nevada State Bar.  Our bad; we retract the disbarred part, we saw the article title, and jumped the gun.  However, in our writer’s defense, the article is very confusing because the title references a single disbarment then talks about several attorneys within the copy of the article.

Nonetheless, it is not right that Parsa  can screw thousands of California homeowners and then just move to another state and do it all over again!!!  See:  http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2011/nov/17/las-vegas-lawyer-disbarred-stealing-money-clients/

But wait a minute … isn’t the act of raping pre-teen boys and girls sufficient enough to be disbarred??  What the hell does a lawyer have to do to get disbarred, anyway?   Oh wait, we know, stand up for the civil rights of others, particularly if the civil rights violations are against the California State Bar for paying a bribe to Orange County Superior Court Judge Franz E. Miller to enter a permanent injunction against Erin Baldwin to restrain her speech. 

Just like the Las Vegas Sun did shortly after Baldwin posted a comment.  Shame on you.   In essence, Baldwin’s comment stated that she was the one that exposed James Parsa’s rape convictions in April 2009, and six weeks later the California State Bar paid a bribe to Judge Franz Miller to enter a permanent injunction against her to shut her up.  Which he did.

It’s near the end of the article and states:

“James Parsa pleaded guilty in Orange County, Calif., to two misdemeanor counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. He resigned from the California bar but never informed Nevada officials.

“The Supreme Court said Parsa’s conviction was not for minor offenses and he “had a duty to inform Nevada bar counsel of his resignation from the California bar with disciplinary charges pending.”

Our question still stands…. So, why in God’s name hasn’t the California State Bar disbarred James Parsa?  [never mind reading Baldwin’s comment; it’s already been removed by the moderator] See Baldwin’s comment at the end of the above article or read her Second Amended Complaint posted here.  It’s all revolves around a bribe paid to Judge Franz E. Miller by the California State Bar (funded by James Parsa) to shut up our friend, Erin Baldwin, who was telling the truth about Pervert Parsa and the truth about the corrupt California State Bar.  It’s ugly, man, real ugly what they did to her.  But you know what they say about karma…..

Here’s the Default Judgment with Permanent Injunction entered on June 2, 2009:


What do you think is wrong with this injunction?  Besides everything.


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  • I was scammed by Parsa out of $3,500 and the California Bar’s cleint security fund was sent my claim 3 years ago as of today. They NEVER followed up with me. I made a call to them about a year and a half ago and the person who answered at their office barely spoke English but what i managed to glean from them was Parsa “resigned” and the Supreme court had not “accepted” his resignation and until they do, no payments will be made to the 10,000 clients he scammed. I notified the Nevada State Bar about his fraud in CA but they wrote back stating they had no evidence, additionally no evidence about the conviction of child molestation and his suspension from the CA bar for the crime of moral turpitude.

  • sabrina and larry white says:

    Is the state allowing thebribe so that california does not have to pay the people whom james parsa has ripe off because the state is hurting for money

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